Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

I started to grow sprouts and wheatgrass on my balcony
My personal hero is Annette Larkins 71 years old, looking more like her 80-year-old husband’s granddaughter and either of her children’s older sister, Annette credits her meatless diet of more than 40 years for her radiant youthfulness and her physical vitality. She doesn’t heat any of her food, preferring to eat all of it raw by making any number of meals out of nuts, beets, greens, or anything else she grows in her home garden in Miami. Mrs Larkins also juices her fruits and vegetables and collects rain water to drink and to water her garden. For his part, Mr Larkins wishes he had followed his wife's example. Looking considerably older, he also takes prescription medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure while Mrs Larkins won't even take an aspirin. When they walk down the street together, he admitted: 'They'll ask me what am I doing with this young girl.'